Upcoming Events

FACES conference - May 11-13


Hosted by Encephalitis Global, this annual conference for Friends And Caregivers, Encephalitis Survivors (FACES), will be held May 11-13 in Seattle, WA.

Becky Dennis, board president of Encephalitis411.org and author of Brain Wreck, will speak at the Encephalitis Global FACES event for the sixth consecutive year.  She will be sharing the mission for Encephalitis411.org with caregivers and patients, including the near-term and long-term vision.
She will also discuss navigating the medical system with tips for advocating for oneself.
As someone who likes to help others improve along the encephalitis journey, Becky will make this an interactive discussion to give attendees plenty of opportunity for Q&A. 

Get details at https://faces-2018-encephalitis-conference.eventbrite.com

Past Events

Encephalitis Survivors and Caregivers meeting - Dallas Area, March 24

In an effort to change the encephalitis landscape, Encephalitis411.org is hosting local meetings for survivors and caregivers impacted by encephalitis. The organization welcomes anyone impacted to attend on Saturday, March 24 at LifePoint Church, at 4501 Hedgcoxe Road in Plano, from 2:00-4:30pm. 

From Stephen Chock, Ph.D., local neuropsychologist, psychologist, and certified brain injury specialist who will be attending the March 24 event, “There are many people in our community struggling with the aftermath of encephalitis, so it’s great that we’re getting more local support. I’ve worked with those impacted, and there is hope to offer in their recovery journey.” 


The meeting will be facilitated by two survivors, Encephalitis411.org board members, Becky Dennis and Bob Morris. Joining them in this casual setting are Stephen Chock, PhD., as well as Stefanie McNeal, also local DPT and physical therapist. 

The intent of the meeting is simply to share coping mechanisms, meds that work, tests or treatments that help, opportunity to vent a little if needed, share a funny story, etc. Topics will vary including rehabilitation, facing friends/family unfamiliar with encephalitis, referrals and cognitive treatments. 


“There are many efforts we are undertaking to improve the diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for encephalitis patients,” said Dr. Arun Venkatesan, Encephalitis411.org board member and Director of the Johns Hopkins Encephalitis Center. “We recognize the need for further research to improve outcomes in this important patient population.”

Childcare is not provided. Drinks/light snacks will be provided. Although LifePoint Church is not sponsoring this event, they have been kind enough to provide a safe, quiet and free place for a meaningful meeting. 

RSVP to becky@encephalitis411.org or 833-411-3350


World Encephalitis Day - February 22

Initiated by the Encephalitis Society of the UK, this date is set aside each year to raise awareness of this brain disorder. Encephalitis411.org was founded as a U.S. based nonprofit, to also raise awareness, and to directly impact those who live in the U.S. 

This year Encephalitis411 encourages all survivors, caregivers, advocates, and medical professionals to wear RED on February 22nd, and to talk about encephalitis. 

If you find yourself with an OTE (“opportunity to educate”), feel free to point them to our website. They can then contact us for further information. 

This photo is the Dallas Skyline, lit up in red,  to increase awareness, and highlight the need for rapid diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, and rehabilitation protocols for those who survive, and honoring those who have died. 

Board Retreat in Dallas - February 2018

 L to R: BECKY DENNIS, President, SUNNY STEPHENS, Treasurer, BOB MORRIS, Vice-President, and ANGELA MARTIN, Advocate  

Board members met in Dallas for a weekend board retreat in early February.