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New Book Supporting!

Thanks to Wendy Spector-Steinmetz for donating a portion of the proceeds of her children’s book, “The Rock Fairy,” available on Amazon. Wendy’s niece, Nicole Spector, died in 2011 from encephalitis. The book’s storyline is about how the people in a little town are surprised when they wake up one day and find gorgeous painted rocks all around their neighborhood. Order the book to discover how children find these treasures.


World Encephalitis Day – February 22nd

Initiated by the Encephalitis Society of the UK, this date is set aside each year to raise awareness of this brain disorder. was founded as a U.S. based nonprofit, to also raise awareness, and to directly impact those who live in the U.S. 

This year Encephalitis411 encourages all survivors, caregivers, advocates, and medical professionals to wear RED on February 22nd, and to talk about encephalitis. 


Here’s a link to a recent webinar on the emerging field of neuroimmunology by Dr. Amanda Piquet. 


Most encephalitis survivors deal with fatigue. This is an interesting article.

Resources: Brain injury-explanation, Rehabilitationcentre de Hoogstraat, Cognitive Therapy (Joke Heins, Rose Sevat, Corine Werkhoven), stroke association of The Netherlands, The rehab group ABI webportal

Respite care notebook for parent caregivers of children

Here’s a link to a respite care notebook for parent caregivers of children with severe illness:

Members of a new UVA institute began planning for action to mitigate infectious disease risks

Microbiology professor Alison Criss and chemistry professor Linda Columbus co-lead UVA’s new Global Infectious Diseases Institute

Wendy Station’s story in Rare Revolution Magazine

Wendy is an encephalitis survivor, as well as Founder and President of Encephalitis Global.