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World Encephalitis Day is February 22nd!
And the FACES conference is coming in May to Seattle.
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Advocating for encephalitis

One of our goals is to establish a credible list of providers to assist in encephalitis diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Tell us your GOOD experiences! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of our Home page. We'd love to hear from you. 

Moving Forward has a 3-pronged mission of research, awareness and advocacy for those impacted by encephalitis. This newly created organization, backed by physicians across multiple disciplines at major U.S. institutions, seeks to increase awareness and advance research of this life-threatening, life-altering brain disorder in the States. This 501(c)(3) organization aims to advocate for those impacted by encephalitis, resulting in early diagnosis and the best possible treatment outcomes. 

More info is coming soon! 

We are just getting started, and are working closely with medical professionals from highly esteemed medical institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Kaiser Permanente, the National Institute for Health, Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt Medical, Mayo Clinic, the Center Disease Control and Brown University. 

Together, we will conduct research to broaden the ability to better diagnose encephalitis, treat it, and provide hope.